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Hiver 2018 : Je vous propose toutes formes de glisse... Profitez de nos montagnes pour vous ressourcer !


Winter   Skiers with Disabilities

The joys of skiing for everyone.
Technological advances in skiing equipment mean gear can be adapted for skiers with all kinds of handicaps.
Disabled skiing qualification and Sit Ski licence.

contact me for details.

- I can meet you at your hotel/apartment/chalet or any other place of your choosing and drop you off wherever you prefer.
- I can advise you on your gear choices, in collaboration with the resortís rental companies.
- We can work out a programme together in case of bad weather and can organise the week to suit your wishes and needs.
- Your personalised dayís skiing: routes, restaurant booking... Let me be your guide!
We can arrange a programme for the week that is perfectly tailored to your needs.
Example: two downhill skiing outings, a family snowshoe walk, introductory cross-country skiing trip...
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